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Stop Dog and Puppy Whining with Grief and Pining Formula for Pet Depression

Grief & Pining Formula

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula - Helps Depressed or Grieving Pets - Naturally!

Use PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula:
  • For the natural treatment of depression in pets
  • To restore stable mood and feelings of well being
  • To promote feelings of security and reduce anxiety
  • For the relief and prevention of pining and homesickness during a visit to kennels or when owner is away
  • For the treatment of grief and mourning associated with recent loss and separation.
Specially formulated for both cats and dogs
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Depression and grieving in pets

Depression and grieving in pets may take many different forms - from the obviously sad and lethargic animal to the pet who manifests illness and behavioral problems associated with depression.

Animals form very deep attachments to their owners and to each other. It is therefore not surprising when they show signs of grief and depression if their owner or a companion pet die.

Some animals experience separation anxiety when their owners go away for a vacation, or sometimes even when they leave them for a short time. Separation anxiety, can result in depression or, more commonly (especially in dogs), in destructive behavior such as digging, chewing or scratching.

Pets are also very attuned to their owner’s emotional state. If you are feeling depressed or grief-stricken, this may, in turn, impact your pet. Certain breeds of pets also tend to worry and fret more than others. They may be at particular risk of developing chronic depression.

Symptoms of grief and depression can include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety/nervousness
  • Excessive grooming (particularly in cats)
  • Self mutilation or destructive behavior
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Sulking or even aggression
  • Change in personality
  • Increased clinginess and attachment
  • Loss of appetite
What is PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula?

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula contains a unique combination of specially selected herbal and homeopathic ingredients well known to treat depression and restore emotional well being.

Whether your pet is chronically depressed or having emotional difficulty due to separation or some other traumatic event, PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula will effectively lift mood and restore vitality, as well as improving your pet's sense of well being and security.

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula can be used regularly for the chronically depressed animal or when needed during periods of trauma, loss or separation.

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What are the ingredients of PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula?

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula contains the following 100% herbal and homeopathic ingredients:

Hypericum perforatum (St John's Wort), often called 'Nature's Prozac', is one of the best known herbs for treating anxiety, depression and other nervous disorders. This medicinal herb is widely used as a natural alternative to the prescription drugs for depression and anxiety. Research supports its effectiveness in stabilizing levels of neurotransmitters responsible for mood, sleep and general feelings of well being without the side effects of the prescription drugs.

Matricaria recutita (Chamomilla) is a medicinal herb which has been used by European naturopaths for centuries. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and calming properties and will help to soothe your pet and reduce symptoms of stress.

Ignatia (C30): is a proven homeopathic remedy which is specifically prescribed for the treatment of all ailments associated with grief. Ignatia can provide effective relief for melancholic and emotionally fragile pets who are depressed or pining after separation or loss.

Capsicum (C30): is a proven homeopathic remedy which is used to treat low mood associated with homesickness or emotional loss and the listlessness, irritability and lack of vitality that often accompanies this emotional state.

Kalium phosphate (Kali. phos.) (C6) is a biochemic tissue salt with many therapeutic benefits and is often known as the 'natural tranquilizer'. This tissue salt is extremely useful for the relief of anxiety, depressed mood and emotional tension and helps to promote nervous system health at the cellular level. Regular use will increase the bio-availability of nutrients, hormones and certain neuro-transmitters essential to ensure balanced mood and feelings of well-being.

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

(PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How has PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula helped others?

"This product has been so helpful for our dog who has been miserable and moping since our eldest child left home. We felt bad enough but I think she has reacted worse than all of us. It made us all feel so sad to see her lying next to our son's bed and even sighing like a really depressed person - with those big sad eyes! Within a week she had her appetite back and even started to wag her tail again when my husband came home. What a great product!" - Cynthia Y.

"We tried your Grief remedy as you suggested just before taking our cat to the cattery which we do every year. Every year we feel more guilty as the owner always tells us that he is fine and eats but will not interact and just sits doing nothing until we collect him, looking very sorry for himself. This time there was a big difference and he was even purring when we picked him up - which we could hardly believe! Thanks for your help and advice! " - Gwen

"Our 12 year old family dog has really perked up for the first time in weeks after taking your remedy. His brother died of cancer two months ago and as they have been with us all their lives, we have all been very sad. This remedy is easy to administer as you say and there is no comparison to the sad and gloomy dog we had before. He still 'looks' for his brother but he is more full of energy and loving again, which we have missed so much! We can really recommend this formula!" - MS

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How do we use PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula?

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula comes in convenient dissolvable granule form.

The fine granules are easy to administer to pets of all sizes and personalities and are simply sprinkled on the back of the tongue and left to dissolve. No fuss and bother!


Cats and small dogs: Large pinch of granules sprinkled into the mouth.
Small to medium dogs: Half fill inner circle of lid and sprinkle into mouth.
Medium to large dogs: Fill inner circle of lid and sprinkle into mouth.

Chronic Use (for chronically depressed animals): Two to three doses of PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula may be safely given every day to lift mood and promote feelings of well being.

Acute (when needed): PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula may also be used as needed for acute cases of pining and depression in pets (e.g. during a visit to kennels or while owner is away for a short time). Administer every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses a day or until symptoms subside. Thereafter administer two to three times daily for as long as is necessary.

Preventative: Begin treatment a few days before separation due to absent owner or loved companion to help your pet cope and reduce the trauma associated with difficult separation or loss.

How long until we see results?

Within a few doses, an almost immediate lifting of mood is usually seen.

Your pet may appear more interested in surroundings and food, less lethargic and more responsive to affection.

Regular use over a period of weeks will result in a happier and more vital animal.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula will last for 15 - 30 days, depending on the size of your pet and frequency of dose.

A 45-90 day supply of 3 bottles is offered at a discount see the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE special below.

What else can I do to help my pet?

  • A balanced, high quality diet is very important during stressful times and can help to boost your pet’s immune system. Include plenty of raw and unprocessed food (preferably organic).
  • Aromatherapy and massage can help to soothe and comfort a grief-stricken and depressed animal.
  • While your pet is grieving, try and keep his home environment as safe and stress-free as possible. Try not to make any further changes to his environment during this time.
  • Regular exercise will help to keep your pet healthy and fit, mentally and emotionally as well as physically.
  • If your pet pines excessively when at the kennels, investigate other options. Perhaps you could get a dog-sitter to look after your dog at home or leave him with a friend while you are away.

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

PetAlive Grief and Pining Formula is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so your pet can experience relief risk-free.

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