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CP825 CHEROKEE MEDICINE MAN: The Life and Work of a Modern-Day Healer by Robert Conley

Robert J. Conley did not set out to chronicle the life of Cherokee medicine man John Little Bear. Instead, the medicine man came to him. Little Bear asked Conley to write down his story, to reveal to the world what Indian medicine is really about. For Little Bear, as for the Cherokee ancestors who brought their traditions over the Trail of Tears to Indian Territory, the medicine is about helping people. Visitors from neighboring states and Mexico come to him, each one seeking help for a different kind of problem. Each seeker's story is presented here exactly as it was told to Conley.

Little Bear has cured problems involving health, relationships, and money by uncovering the source of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Whereas mainstream medicine and counseling have failed his patients, Little Bear's healing practices have proven beneficial time and again. 160 pages, 42 b&w illustrated, paper.  42 b&w illus; $21.95 + s/h

WH-D1632-2  NATIVE SPIRIT  NEW!   2 Disc DVD Set

Native Spirit is narrated by Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves), who takes the viewer back to the days of Red Cloud when "Our old men talked to spirits and made good medicine. Our young men herded the horses and made love to the girls. In this way our grandfathers lived and were happy."  In the second documentary, The Sun Dance Way, Gordon Tootoosis (Legends of the Fall) brings to life the voice of Thomas Yellowtail as he describes the mysterious and ancient Sun Dance ceremony.  Official Selections for Montreal's First Peoples Film Festival and The American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.  Directed by Jennifer Casey and produced by Michael Oren Fitzgerald

Through Native Spirit you can experience:
"  A deeper understanding of the complex Crow-Shoshone religion, including the power of the Sun Dance;
"  Interviews with prominent Indian leaders including Janine Pease, Joe Medicine Crow, and James Trosper,
"  A stunning feast of rare visual images from unique photographs and video footage of Crow and Shoshone Sun Dances from as early as 1903.

Educators should email: for a classroom edition that includes a teacher's guide, workbook and lesson plans. ISBN: 1-933316-32-2  Time: 3 hrs, 15 min$32.95 + s/h


By Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Though these healing stories of Native American spiritual empowerment we are given the opportunity through spoken word to apply this wisdom in our own lives leading to transformation.  6 X 9, 230 pages, Soft Cover.  $16.95 + s/h



By Michael and J.T. Garrett  NEW!

This book is how beliefs began, how they changed due to the influence of outside forces, and how Native Americans today are working to preserve their faiths.  Tied deeply to the land and to nature, Native American faiths share some common traits.  Native American Faith In America explores these basic beliefs. Coverage includes: Key concepts share by most Native American religions, Rites of passage in life. Impacts of European conquest and Christian missionaries on native peoples.  The ways that Native Americans merge traditional beliefs with Christian faith.  Hardbound, 36 b/w photographs, Illustrations.  128 pages. 7 3/8" X 9 1/4"  

$ 29.95 + s/h


By Michael and J.T. Garrett

With stories that tell about the four directions and the universal circle, these ancient secret teachings offer Wisdom on circle gatherings, herbs, healing, and ways to reduce stress and fin harmony and balance in our relationships.  Assists in discovering your own medicine and returning to health, harmony and peace.  5.5" X 9", 224 pages, Soft cover.  $14.99 + s/h


The ancient Cherokee tradition of medicine man is very much alive in modern-day Oklahoma. In Cherokee Medicine Man, Robert J. Conley introduces John Little Bear, a medicine man who follows his family's old ways—medicine as it was carried over the Trail of Tears into Indian Territory.  Little Bear asked Conley to help him reveal to the world "what Indian medicine is really about." For Little Bear, the medicine is about helping the people, the visitors who come to him from neighboring states and Mexico. The astonishing stories these patients revealed to Conley are presented here exactly as told.  Little Bear has cured problems involving health, relationships, and money by uncovering the source of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Whereas mainstream medicine and counseling have failed his patients, Little Bear's healing practices have proven more beneficial time and again.  $19.95 + s/h


god is red cover

CP 846 - GOD IS RED  by Vine Deloria, Jr.  

The first edition of God Is Red, published in 1972, was the vanguard in promoting the recognition of sacred places. Now, two decades later, as environmental awareness continues to grow, Vine Deloria, Jr., reminds us to learn "that we are a part of nature, not a transcendent species with no responsibility to the natural world." Deloria, a prominent Native American author, scholar, lawyer, and philosopher, has updated God Is Red, his classic work on Native religion, asking new questions about our species and our ultimate fate as we move into a new century.Fulcrum Publishing, Golden Colorado, 2nd edition, 1994  Soft Cover, 320 pages, $24.95 + s/h  Review by John Mountain Wind Outler

CP786- 365 DAYS OF WALKING THE RED ROAD: The Native American Path to Leading a Spiritual Life Every Day  By Jean Terri

According to Native American tradition, walking the Red Road is a metaphor for living within the Creator's rules-a life of truth, friendship, respect, spirituality, and humanitarianism. For centuries, Native American elders, parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders have handed down their wisdom and values from generation to generation, leading others down the path of self-discovery and enlightenment. Captures this priceless ancient knowledge and shows you how you can live your life to the fullest through integrity, compassion, and brotherhood. This superb collection of Native American philosophy and culture helps you on your path along the Red Road in your quest for truth. Soft Cover, 440pp. $14.95 + s/h

CP 756 - CALL OF THE GREAT SPIRIT: The Shamanic Life and Teachings of Medicine Grizzly Bear by Bobby Lake-Thom
A traditional Karuk tribe healer shares his personal story of reconnection to the Great Spirit in contemporary America. Provides Indian perspective on disease and healing. Explores indigenous social identity in a spiritual and political context. Reveals authentic indigenous traditions and ceremonies from many tribes. 256 pages, 6 x 9, paperback.

$ 15.95 + s/h

CP632- BOOK OF CEREMONIES By Gabriel Horn 

American Indian ceremonies explained.  An outstanding copy of this book by celebrated Native American writer Gabriel Horn, who weaves a beautiful tapestry of stories and short pieces that supplement ceremonies for marriage, pregnancy, birth, death, greeting the day, visions, healing, and much more. Hardcover with illustrations, 244 pages. 

$ 21.95 + s/h

CP-743- SACRED DRUMMING by Steven Ash  

The pulse of a drum will connect you with your bones, your heartbeat, your natural rhythm. Guided by a writer who grew up and studied on Native American reservations, join those throughout the world--from Siberia to South America, Australia to Africa--who venerate the drum for its healing and celebratory powers. Through painting, cleansing, blessing, smudging, dedicating, chanting, and performing, you'll find your own special beat, transforming the drum into a medicine tool and friend that brings joy and emotional rewards. Become one with an instrument that you buy or make yourself, and deepen your ever-growing relationship with the spiritual dimension. Draw on the knowledge of Native American and other cultures to drum away fear, purify, establish a sacred space, and reach into areas of the consciousness that would otherwise be inaccessible. Extra special bonus: a CD to learn from and enjoy, with more than a hour's worth of music for a Sacred Directions ceremony, clearing space, medicine and healing, meditation, trance, group playing, and more!  $ 19.95 + s/h

CP747- CATCHER OF DREAMS by Dr. K. Mark Hilliard 

The Catcher of Dreams provides a holistic approach to creating harmony of the spirit, soul, mind, and body.  It is a creative tapestry of science, nature, Native American lore, and spirituality woven together with stories, analogies, and insights derived from years of the author's experience with Native American cultures and his doctoral degree in health and wellness. Paperback: 222 pages $ 19.95 + s/h

CP007- HISTORY MYTHS, and SACRED: Formulas of the Cherokees  By James Mooney
Containing the Full Texts of Myths of the Cherokee (1900) and the Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees (1891) as Published by the Bureau of American Ethnology: With a New Biographical. Paperback: 768pp. August 1992.  Bright Mountain Books
$ 21.95 + s/h


by Gerald Hausman 

Explores the Navajo's fundamental belief in the importance of harmony and balance in the world. Shares Navajo healing ways that have been handed down for generations. Navajo myths are among the most poetic in the world, full of dazzling word imagery. For the Navajo, who call themselves the Dine (literally, "the People"), the story of emergence--their creation myth--lies at the heart of their beliefs. In it, all the world is created together, both gods and human beings, embodying the idea that change comes from within rather than without. Here are myths of the Holy People, of Changing Woman who teaches the People how to live, and of the trickster Coyote; stories of healings performed by stargazers and hand tremblers; and songs of love, marriage, homecoming, and growing old. $ 13.95 + s/h


By Paul Steinmetz   

From impressions and teachings gathered over decades of living with the Oglala Sioux, Paul Steinmetz has compiled a book of provocative meditations centered on creation spirituality. Lakota elders join the author in evoking the essence of the sweat lodge ceremony, the vision quest, yuwipi meetings, teachings of Buffalo Calf Woman and the sacred pipe, offering the reader a focus for prayerful intention in finding spirit in everyday life.$ 13.95 + s/h


By J.T. Garrett    

In a time before ours, animals and plants talked with man and the stars held stories of their own.  From the stories of his father and the other medicine men of his tribe comes this collection of mediatations.  5.5" X 8", 144 pages, paperback. $ 13.95 + s/h

The New Testament of the Bible in the Cherokee Language. A beautiful rendering of the Gospels.  A real collector's item. Published by the American Bible Society. 
$ 26.95 + s/h


One of the finest and rarest collections of Cherokee religious songs in existence. A wonderful addition to any library. Hours of music making enjoyment.  $ 21.95 + s/h

OS1567311016 - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATIVE AMERICAN RELIGION By Arlene Hirschfelder and Paulette Fairbanks Molin 

Long regarded as quaint curiosities or exotic pagan rites, the religious practices of Native Americans make up a rich, enduring legacy deserving of a place among the great spiritual traditions. The volume features a foreword written by Walter R. Echo-Hawk. This volume is available in paperback for the first time. Featuring more than 1,200 cross-referenced entries, this encyclopedia is a fascinating guide to the spiritual traditions of Native Americans in the U.S. and Canada, including coverage of beliefs about the afterlife, symbolism, creation myths, and vision quests; important ceremonies and dances; prominent American Indian religious figures; and events, legislation, and tribal court cases that have shaped the development of Native American religions. Soft Bound Cover. $ 24.95 + s/h

A welcome addition to any reference section. From the opening explanation of Abishabis ("Small Eyes"), the principal prophet of a mid-1800s religious movement, to Zuni Salt Lake, New Mexico, the reputed home of a Holy Person who traveled around the country leaving deposits of salt wherever she rested, the authors provide quick information on sacred objects, societies, leaders, and more. The black-and-white photographs and charts, while few, are a nice addition. Deluxe Edition. Hardback Cover

$ 79.95 + s/h




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