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Day Light Savings

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Veterans Day

Friday, November 11, 2016

Great American Smokeout

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Day

November 25,2016



"There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." 

~Edith Wharton -



Manataka Council Fire


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Indigenous Spiritual Elders Speak About Manataka


LAKOTA -  Chief Arvol Looking Horse

LAKOTA - Peter V. Catches Lakota Spiritual Elder

SALINAN-CHUMAS NATION - Council Chief Xielolixii

SAGINAW CHIPPEWA - Rev. Dononlus A. Otto

CHOCTAW - Boe Glasschild (Bushpo Awa - Many Knives)

CENTRAL AMERICA - Great Confederation of Councils of  Principal Mayan Aj Q'ijab

CANADA - Holy Mother Marie Paul says Manataka is predestined

SOUTH AMERICA - Confederation of the Elders Council Original People of Abya Ayala



GOVERNMENT LEGAL OBLIGATIONS - Recognition of Native American Sacred Sites

HOLY DAY OF RECOGNITION - Manataka IS a Sacred Site

MANIFESTING - Manataka IS a Sacred Site


 Declaration of Excommunication from the Vatican dated July 11, 2007. -





American Indian give thanks every day!


THE. REAL. STORY OF THANKSGIVING. by Susan Bates. Most of us associate the holiday with happy Pilgrims and Indians sitting down to a big feast. And that ...



"Considering that virtually none of the standard fare surrounding Thanksgiving contains an ounce of authenticity, historical accuracy, or cross-cultural perception , ...


Thanksgiving Fact #1: No one knows when the "first" thanksgiving occurred. People have been giving thanks for as long as people have existed. Indigenous ...


'style' Thanksgiving until 1885. . . The Cherokees were raising corn as early as 1,000 BC. Before European contact the Cherokees already participated in a ...



The First Thanksgiving: Honoring The Foods Shared By. Our Native American Ancestors. This is the time of year all Americans become New Englanders.





TRUE THANKSGIVING - A Day of Mourning. By Roy Cook, Editor, American Indian Source. To understand an American Indian perspective on Thanksgiving, you ...



Iroquois Thanksgiving: 13 Moons of Gratitude by Doug George-Kanentiio, Akwesasne Mohawk The Iroquois are a people with a deep sense of spirituality rooted ...


THE NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING. On Thanksgiving Day, many Native Americans and their supporters gather at the top of Coles Hill, overlooking Plymouth ...




Feature Books



A Handbook of American Indian Heritage

By Bill Marder

Softcover, 141pp  $14.95 + s/h

This handbook is a pocket-sized reference to the great heritage and culture of American Indians. Despite decades of poor treatment, many tribes and leaders have remained strong. It is in this spirit that this book was created. It is now time to remind us all – red, white, yellow, black or brown – of the things that American Indians should be proud of. Includes important historical events, sacred and cultural practices, quotes from respected leaders past and present, and a detailed time-line involving modern activists. Issues that continue to threaten American Indian culture are addressed, along with potential answers. Also includes sections on books and films that have been favorable to American Indians, an excellent photo section, and a list of American Indian rights organizations. The small size of this handbook makes it easy to carry daily and to share with others.


Author Bio:

William (Bill) Marder has had a photographic career of over 60 years, which includes inventing new techniques involved with color printing and winning numerous awards. His other related book from 2004, Indians In The Americas: The Untold Story, received excellent reviews for gathering together and revealing the true history of American Indians. With over 20 years of research behind it, it details extensive facts not found in standard textbooks and many photos never before seen or published until now. He considers this handbook to be a more action-oriented companion volume, which uses truth from the past in order to help people today.


"We loved "The Legacy of Wisdom" by Bill Marder because it is a handy mini-encyclopedia of the American Indian.  Well written and accurate.  A really nice find." ~Lee Standing Bear Moore, Manataka  Price: $14.95 US

Softcover, 141pp  $14.95 + s/h



1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

By Charles Mann, Knopf Publishing Group

Softcover, 480pp  $26.95 + s/h

"In the last 20 years, archaeologists and anthropologists equipped with new scientific techniques have made far-reaching discoveries about the Americas. For example, Indians did not cross the Bering Strait 12,000 years ago, as most of us learned in school. They were already here. Their numbers were vast, not few. And instead of living lightly on the land, they managed it beautifully and left behind an enormous ecological legacy. In this riveting, accessible work of science, Charles Mann takes us on an journey of scientific exploration. We learn that the Indian development of modern corn was one of the most complex feats of genetic engineering ever performed. That the Great Plains are a third smaller today than they were in 1700 because the Indians who maintained them by burning died. And that the Amazon rain forest may be largely a human artifact. Compelling and eye-opening, this work will vastly alter our understanding of our history and lands."  By Peter Johnson. 

Softcover, 480pp  $26.95 + s/h



Encyclopedia of Native American Healing

By William S. Lyon, W. W. Norton, New York and London, 1996.  

Soft cover, (373 pages)   $23.95 + s/h

 Easy to read with many illustrations both of healers and of artifacts.  Locations of tribal areas are shown in a series of maps.  The book is rich first hand accounts of spiritual healing intertwined with a wealth of herbal medicines, ceremonial objects and sacred songs depicted in real-life tribal settings makes this book extremely interesting.   The accounts of healing practices, told by various investigators give insight into the power of the Great Mystery.  The contrast between the European medical practice with its emphasis on the physical, and the American Indian healing practices which are spiritual and physical leaves one with a greater appreciation for our heritage and what has been largely lost to wider humanity, and what needs urgently to be restored. William S. Lyon is a professor of anthropology at the Center for Religious Studies at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and the author of Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota. 

  Soft Cover $23.95 + s/h




10 Ways You Can Help the Standing Rock Sioux Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline

By Toyacoyah Brown



Everyone keeps asking how they can help fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, since we all can’t physically be on the frontlines in North Dakota. I’ve posted links to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense as well as their camp GoFundMe page on previous posts already, but there are other ways you can help out! I kept seeing this list of 10 ways to help out on various Facebook posts so I thought it would be a good idea to share here too.

1. Call North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200.  Leave a message.


2. Sign the petition to the White House to Stop DAPL:


3. Donate to support the Standing Rock Sioux at–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/


4. Donate items from the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List:





Manataka Rustic Woodcrafts

 Cabin, Ranch, Lake Retreat & Lodge


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Quality handcrafted cedar furniture that is built to last

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"The honor of the people lies in the moccasin tracks of the woman. Walk the good road.... Be dutiful, respectful, gentle, and modest my daughter... Be strong with the warm, strong heart of the earth. No people goes down until their women are weak and dishonored, or dead upon the ground. Be strong and sing the strength of the Great Powers within you, all around you." -- Village Wise Man, Sioux


The Elders say the Native American women will lead the healing among the tribes. We need to especially pray for our women, and ask the Creator to bless them and give them strength. Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sings the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle, and modest.


Oh, Great One, bless our women. Make them strong today.


Copyright: Coyhis Publishing found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.




Sacred Sites—Concern Extends Across Country


Ben Shelly, Navajo Nation president, is apologetic yet determined when it comes to one of the country’s special places, a place he calls “very important.” He is one of the leaders in the fight to protect the San Francisco Peaks—sacred to more than 13 Southwestern tribes—from using treated sewage water for artificial snowmaking at the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort near Flagstaff.


His position echoes that of leaders across North America who have watched as sacred sites have been swallowed up or damaged by private, non-Native users, government-backed projects or vandalism, or who watch sites’ protection defined simply as an archaeological issue. Some leaders contacted by telephone were steadfast in a slow fight to maintain the sites for tribal survival and future generations.  READ MORE...




Manataka recently partnered with Canyon Records and its distributors to bring our members and supporters the very finest in American Indian Music.  Canyon Records of Phoenix, Arizona, producer and distributor of Native American music, is one of the oldest independent record labels in the music industry as well as one of the oldest cultural institutions in the state of Arizona.












Nominees and Winners of the 16th Annual Native American Music Awards have donated their songs to two free compilation CDs entitled, Water is Life I and II in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's efforts to protect their land and water against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

The free CDs, Water is Life I and Water is Life II, feature over 37 songs in a variety of artist contributions from all tribal nations and music styles that can be downloaded online on the Native American Music Awards website at,


Featured artists on the CDs include:






The Spiritual Value of Plants

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle



I have read that some scientist say plants can communicate. I think they can communicate through energy fields and even wage a war with other plants in their own way. I think plants can scream when they are cut, some even cry in pain and this is just a small part of their conscious life.


When cutting a plant always use a very sharp knife, this shows compassion. Never pull a plant or break its stem; this is the cruelest way of injuring a plant. It has been proved that plants even interact with humans on different levels.


Everyone has an energy field which I believe is your spiritual signature that Creator has placed within us for eternity. Plants also have this spiritual signature since Creator placed his spirit in everything on Mother Earth. Wow what a blessing of Spirit.






Videos about MANATAKA


The Story of Manataka w/ Lee Standing Bear Moore - 2016


Story of Manataka  w/ Monroe Loy - 2016 - Trailer


The Seekers Documentary w/Lee Standing Bear Moore - 2015


Seven Sacred Caves - John Cooksey w/Lee Standing Bear Moore - 2014


Lee Standing Bear Moore talks about Quartz Crystals of Hot Springs, AR part 1 - 2012


Lee Standing Bear Moore talks about Quartz Crystals of Hot Springs, AR part 2 - 2012


About Quartz Crystals - Buddy Huggins w/Lee Standing Bear Moore - 2012


The Story of Manataka - Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir - 2012


Lee Standing Bear Moore Talks About The Moment - 2012


Lee Standing Bear Moore & Woableza Labatte on Prophecykeepers Radio PT1 - 2009


Lee Standing Bear Moore & Woableza Labatte on Prophecykeepers Radio PT2 - 2009






~Takatoka, Manataka member


The time has come for the federal government to relinquish ALL sacred grounds formally held by the tribes -- federally recognized and non-federally recognized. 


Can you imagine the outcry if the federals took control over all the churches, synagogues, and temples in the United States?  What would happen if the liberal bureaucrats decided church meetings could not be held without a permit?  How loud would be media scream at the outrage of religious faiths being subjected to the same

treatment American Indians endure today after centuries of religious genocide?


How can Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and people of other faiths and religions do and say nothing while American Indian sacred places are tightly controlled by mindless federal bureaucrats who determine when, how and who among the people can gather to worship? 


Yes, very few traditional sacred places in the United States are open to American Indian spiritual gatherings simply because many of these sites were declared "federal land" at various times in history.  READ MORE...


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Women, Wisdom and Love

By Harold W. Becker, Founder and President, The Love Foundation

Within each of us is the innate, natural balance of our feminine and masculine creative powers. Every person, regardless of their physical attribute of being male or female, man or woman, has these potent forces that are the very essence of our being. In the simplest example, we all have the gift of imagination (a feminine energy aspect) and willpower (a masculine energy aspect). Together they infuse through the feminine energy of feeling and the masculine energy of thought to manifest our reality. What we think and feel, we become. They are ultimately inseparable and necessary components for creation. However, when they are either willfully suppressed or allowed to dominate, they create an imbalance that distorts, and even destroys, the inherent sanctity and beauty of life.


Imagination is our way of formulating and exploring possibilities. It is the grander view that gathers, intuits, and incorporates a variety of facets that are interrelated and interconnected. These are inclusive considerations that, at their core, are nurturing, subjective, heart-felt, and holistic. We often witness these characteristics in women since they tend to embody these energies to a greater degree and are the ones that conceive, incubate and develop the very physical being we become. READ MORE





The First American Freedom Fighter

By William Loren Katz


On February 2, 2012, is the 500th anniversary of the death of Hatuey, an Indigenous American fighter for independence from colonialism not mentioned in the same breath as Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. However, Hatuey deserves recognition as their earliest ideological ancestor and great forerunner.


Little is known about Hatuey, a Taino Cacique [leader], not his date of birth, nor exactly when he first led his forces into battle. But key elements of his story have come down to us from Bishop Las Casas, the Dominican Priest, who became Spain’s “Defender of the Indians.” On February 2, 1512, Las Casas was in Cuba when Hatuey died at the hands of the European invaders.


Hatuey’s armed resistance began on the island of Hispaniola [today Haiti and the Dominican Republic] during the age of Columbus. It probably increased after 1502 when a fleet of 30 Spanish ships brought over the new Governor Nicolas de Ovando, hundreds of Spanish settlers and a number of enslaved Africans to pursue Spain’s search for gold.    READ MORE...




 Manataka Native Remedies©


Adults       Children

Mothers and Babies



Over 250 natural, pure and effective remedies for most everything that ails you.






"A sundance woman is like the morning star, filled with spiritual beauty, wisdom and knowledge. Men and women are the most powerful of the polarities. We walk beside men as equal partners. It takes men and women who have respect and love for one another to live within the embrace of Father Sky and Mother Earth."  -- Dr. Henrietta Mann, Southern Cheyenne


Our ceremonies bring out the best in us. It's in the ceremony that we find the place of honor and respect for each other. The place where the men honor the women and the women honor the men. We dance for each other. The ceremony helps us remember our responsibility toward each other. Men and women need to be strong, to love one another and be faithful. Only by doing this can we give our children knowledge of good relationships.


Great Spirit, today I will notice the power of the women; today I will notice the power of the men.


Copyright: Coyhis Publishing found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: Any republishing of part or all of their contents is prohibited.




Nominations Open for Elder Council

The Manataka Elder Council needs one new member.  Self-nominations are permitted.  Requires at least one in-person meeting per year at Hot Springs, AR and tele-conference meetings monthly. Rewards are commensurate with time and effort.  MAIC dues must be current. Send a bio today!


Volunteer Counseling Positions Open: 

Are you a minister, psychologist, teacher or counselor?  MAIC announces a need for more professional volunteer counselors. Manataka's free online Counseling program helps hundreds of people with emotional, spiritual, family, marital and other issues -- anonymously and free!. Education, experience and licensure requirements.  Email:


Planning is in full-swing to convert vacant lots on the east side of Manataka (Hot Springs) Mountain into memorial gardens.  We need your help.









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Home Herbalist Classes and Apprenticeships
Monthly workshops on 4th Saturdays for the aspiring home herbalist. Experience the various phases of medicinal and edible wild plants through the year. Learn to when and how to harvest, preserve and make medicine from plants. Explore a variety of topics of interest to the home herbalist.  Home Herbalist Course: 9 Saturdays (1 per month) $250.  Single Classes: $30 - $45.  Apprenticeship Course: 18 classes (2 per month). 816-547-0266  





The 8th Annual Native Rhythms Festival

Wickham Park, 2500 Parkway Drive

Melbourne, FL 32935

Native Rhythms Festival
c/o Turtle Mound Flutes
4100 N. Wickham Rd. Ste 107A #108
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 452-1671








Native American Month Social & Indian Craft Market

November 26-28 12:00 to 6:00 pm

Sheraton Hotel Ballroom

5151 E Grant Rd
Tucson, AZ 85712 United States
 (520) 622-4900


Award Winning Hoop Dancer, Cecil Manuel, Apache

All Activities will be held indoors! FREE PARKING!
Camera/Video Photography allowed for personal use only!







Hollister, NC- November is Native American month, and Pow-Wow, an American Indian owned and operated company, will sponsor the 25th annual Great American Indian Exposition Pow-Wow and Show on November 11-13, 2016 in Richmond, VA to celebrate the occasion. Pow-Wow and Native Opportunity Way-CDC, Inc. invites the public to join us at this joyous event, which will be held at The Richmond Raceway Complex (600 E. Laburnum Ave. in Richmond, VA).  POW- WOW American

ndian Educational Programs, PO Box 609 Hollister, NC 27844, (252) 532-0821